Friday, October 9, 2009

The Joy of a Garage Sale

Jacob and I had a garage sale a couple of weekends ago.  Man, I forgot how much work those are!  Not only did we have to go through and gather the things we wanted to get rid of, but I had boxes upon boxes of stuff in the garage to go through (I hadn't since we got married and I moved in).  Needless to say, it was quite a tiring ordeal.  Through being tired and stressed, God showed up.  He always does!

On the first morning of the garage sale I got to help Jacob open before I went to work.  It was dark when we woke up.  It was chilly.  There were threatening clouds.  But even with all of that it was one of the better mornings I've shared with my husband.  No one was waiting to dive into our "treasures" so Jac and I got to spend some really sweet moments - together - outside on our chair for sale as the sun was rising.  It was my favorite part of the day.  After people started showing up and the morning was underway, I had to head to work.  Jacob did a great job on Friday with some help from our good friend Vivian and his mom Nancy. 

Another way I saw God that morning before I went to work was through a customer at our garage sale.  He walked up, asked if we had something specific, and then proceeded to talk to us.  He shared with us that his live-in girlfriend, with whom he'd just bought a house, had just lost her battle with cancer.  She left behind two boys that were transported to live with their dad.  He had no one.  He came to our garage sale to find a friend - an ear to hear.  It reminded me so much that no matter what we're dealing with, Jesus is our friend.  He's always there to lend a listening ear even if no one else does.  He'll hold you up when you're hurting. 

One of the best gifts you can give someone is to listen.  I hope that wasn't the only gift that man got at our garage sale.  I hope that he found Jesus through his sharing and our listening. 

We should've taken pictures of our first garage sale as a married couple, but we only got one.  And who could ever pass up a garage sale if this were in the driveway!!! 

Israel & Zachary marketing for our garage sale

And how could I post a blog without an updated picture of our puppy, Roscoe.  He already loves football!  We're getting Jacob to as well!

Roscoe - 5 months

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  1. I'm thinking... a listening garage sale. What a sweet concept.

    Thanks for coming to the giveaway at InCourage. :)