Friday, April 17, 2009

Date Night!

So Jacob and I decided, with urging from a very dear friend of mine, to have a date night every week. With my job, the coffee shop, YoungLife and church, it won't be easiest thing to accomplish BUT we have made a point for this to happen every week. After only one week of "date night", it's evident that this will be a huge blessing for my husband and I.

We started out our date deciding where we would go eat. He wanted Zio's and I thought Charleston's sounded better, and after my suggestion, he did too! We proceeded to order our meals- Chicken Fried Steak, mashed taters w/ AMAZING chipotle gravy and broccoli (for Jac) and Steak, broccoli and salad for me. Mmm, mmm. We proceed to partake in our delicious meal and the manager comes to talk to us because he is a customer at The Underground and knows Jacob. It was nice to meet him. So, we're done eating, waiting on our check and the waiter comes and tells us that John (the manager) took care of our meal. What a great surprise blessing!

After eating, we had planned to visit one of two local coffee shops on the south side to get dessert and watch The Office online... both were closed. However, one of them was extremely close to an Asian Supermarket. Now, Jacob and I don't go to the Asian Supermarket everyday, but when we do go, we always get something new to try. This time = "pudding." I haven't tried it yet, but Jacob said it's more like jello and it has these gel cube thingys in it.

We also found a few other interesting snacks....

This is the pudding... notice under product it says "Pudding (Delicious Snack)" to make sure we know it's delicious.

This snack came with a warning! A whole box of warnings! "Do not eat while performing any physical activity" is my favorite.

This snack reminds me of a granola bar only instead of granola, it's dried fish floss.

The package says it all...

We thought it was interesting that Santa was the year-round giver of Cotton Cup Sweet.

Last, but not least, if the sweets and crackers weren't enough, you could fill up on some homemade vegetarian meat. Looks like something that the cat coughed up...

Date Night Week 1 was a fun success!

And that's a nugget. -B


  1. Sarah Rakowski :)May 14, 2009 at 11:00 PM

    The fish floss looks like Fig Newtons. Andrew would love the cotton cup sweet! And one time when I went camping at Green Leaf Lake I stopped at a fast food place called Charlie's Chicken and the "nuggets" looked like those vegetarian meat things. Looks like a fun night :)